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About us

M/s. R.L.F. Industries Limited which was originally incorporated on 24-02-1983 under the name Raj Leather Cloth Industries Private Limited has changed its name to R.L.F. Industries Limited w.e.f. l8-09-1997. Our Company also obtained the ISO 9001/2000 mark during the year 2005 due to its efficient and systematic working environment.

The company is primarily manufacturing POLYURETHANE (PU) FOAM and its itemn like Mattresses, Cushions, Pillows, Sofa-Cum-Beds and these items are marketed tlirougbout India under its Registered Brand Name

The Company also deals in various other forms of mattresses such as; coir, Bonded and Spring Mattresses under the same Brand Name and are being distributed in over 20 states in India

All our items carry a written Guarantee from 10 to 40 years depending upon the quality and type of the product offered.

The company also takes active participation in offering our products at special discount prices to Hospitals and Schools. Our company also gives our products to many charitable institutions each year for free.

The Frist Step

The first unit of our factory which was set up in 1983 is situated on 20th Miles stone, main G.T Karnal Road, Villane Badkhalsa (Distt. Sonepat) (Haryana) which is just a few kilometers from the Delhi-Haryana Border located on the main highway and is conveniently approachable to all kinds of modern facilities.

The land is around 18,000 sq. Meters and the factory building has spacious sheds, Office Rooms, Godowns, Servant Rooms, Temple, and a beautiful garden facing the factory. The plant is fully automatic and carries latest technology and hence giving best production in both aspects i.e. quality as well as quantity. We are primarily located around various upcoming colonies and malls. The constructed area at this site is about 30,000 sq. feet and there is a large area available with the company which is not being utilized as of now and the company is ready for any new opportunities or ideas for the utilization of this area We are very flexible on the use as we have been able to transfer the same for commercial use.

Company`s Growth

Seeing the growing demand of our products in the market the company set up a second unit in Saibabad U.P. under the name of KAVIT PU Foam with same facilities as was given to our first unit and is worldng in full swing.
Then recently, just a few years ago our company put up another unit in Greater Noida(U.P.) under the name ofKANPAV OVERHEAD Pvt. Ltd. which has now been given to sleepwell under certain terms and conditions and is being opemted by them.

Our Company has its own transportation with National permit on all its carriages, which helps in the efficient and timely distribution of all our products througbout India. Our company gives employment to more than 80 people currently and these figures have been increasing each year.

Distribution Network

The company is marketing its products through above 25 Authorized Dealers/ Distributors through-out India. The company also engages in direct selling to the consumers from time to time through various exhibitions being arranged by Trade Fair Orqanizations/Authoriti es.

Moving Ahead with Changing Needs

Our company was the first in India to manufacture PU Foam in High Density prior to which only low Density Foam was made and this proved to be very beneficial for our company and increased our profits by leaps and bounds. We were able to raise the density to .50 in PUFoam from .10 density. The credit for this goes to our director Shri Vinay Manchanda and our entire team who made it possible to develop High Density in PU Foam with the invention of new formula by mixing imported Raw Materials.

Our compmy also introduced Sofa-Cum-Bed of PUFoam without wood in India which was provided in Single or Double Beds — With or Without Arms. It proved to be a major hit in the Indian Market and our company was again rewarded with a boost in our turnovers and profits.

Future Plans

We have another property in Karel Bagh which is right in the centre ofthe foam market surrounded by many foam dealers. The land is around 10,000 sq. feet (150 yards) and is open on 2 sides. The construction allowed on this plot according to the new master plan is 9000 sq. feet.

We are also in the process of building a beautiful Guest House in D.L.F. Phase 3 Gurgaon which is at prime location, just a few meters away from NH-8. This Guest House will be equipped with all the modem Facilities including Wi-Fi enability, Conference Halls, Gym and a relaxing coffee shop along with a restaurant. This Guest House can be considered to be given to any Company on specified Terms and Conditions.

We are also into the making of hand painted and embroidered fibre quilts.

We also have empty shed in Mumbai under the name of Harichand Textile mills compound shed No.6 at Vikroli Road.

Company Policy

RAJFOAMS strongly believes in not compromising at our quality under any circumstances. Our products are most Durable, Insect Proof, Dust Proof, Washable, Portable, and Divisible in comparison off’ other Foams so far available in India.


Looking to all such achievements, our Company and our Directors have been honoured with the following AWARDS:-

  2. “EXCELLENCE AWARD by hon’ble Ms. Ratan Mala Savanoo, Union Minister of State for planning and Programming Implementation.
  3. RASTRIYA INDIVIDUAL EXCELLENCE AWARD presented to our Managing Director Shri Vinay Maachanda by India International Council for Industries and Trade through Shri Sis Ram Ola, Union Minister of Water Resources on the “India’s Economic 50th Years of Independence” on 19th September, 1997.
  4. RASTRIYA INDIVIDUAL EXCELLEIICE AWARD presented to our Ex-Director Smt. Neeta Manchanda by India International Council for Industries and Trade through Shri Sis Ram Ola Union Minister if Water Resources on the India’s Economic 50‘ Years of Independence On 19‘September, 1997.
  5. BHARTUYA UDYOG RATAN A WARD presented to our Managing Director Shri Vinay Manchanda by Sh. Sis Ram Ola on the occasion of the 10th National Seminar y Indian Economic Development and Research Association on 19th September, 1997.

In view of the above, our Managing Director Shri Vinay Manchanda has also become a figure in leading Newspaper like the Financial Express. Express News lines has also high-lighted RAJFOAM Mattresses, Cushions, and Sofa-Cum-Beds.

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